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Dimple Creation

Dimple is the indentation that occurs in the cheek skin which often appears only when you smile. Dimples are formed due to an anatomical variation or deficiency in the facial muscle Zygomaticus major. The split in the muscle creates depression when we smile.

Dimple naturally occurs in babies due to the presence of the baby fat, but gradually disappears in many as they grow. They happen in both genders with no specific prevalence. Around 20-30% of the world’s population and also its prevalence varies in different parts of the world. Dimples are viewed as an appealing element as they emphasize a woman’s grin and enhance facial appearance. In many cultures, dimples are a sign of beauty, youth, and luck.

  •  The surgeon will examine and discuss the procedure
  •  Prescribe some basic blood tests
  •  The surgeon will prescribe medications or adjust your current medications
  •  Stop smoking
  •  Maintain good oral hygiene
  • Dimple creation is an outpatient procedure and it is relatively scarless.
  • The site, size, and position of the dimple are marked before surgery and discussed
  • It is most commonly done under local anesthesia- numbing only the operative area
  • Through a small incision in the inner side of the cheek, muscle dissection is done and a suture is taken at the proposed site of the Dimple. additional sutures are taken based on the required size and shape of the dimple.
  • There will be some swelling and bruise at the site of the surgery. This will gradually settle in 1 – 2weeks
  • There might be some tightness or restriction of facial movements which will gradually improve
  • The sutures are generally inside the mouth and are absorbable in nature. hence no need for suture Removal
  • Have a soft diet for a week
  • Maintain good oral hygiene
  • The dimple will be static initially and present at all times. This gradually disappears over a few months and then the dimple occurs only during a smile.

This is planned minor surgery and the complications are quite rare. Like any surgery, there are risks and potential complications of dimple creation. Common risks involved in dimple creation include

  • Asymmetric Dimple
  • Injury to the salivary duct / facial nerve branch
  • Anesthesia risks

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